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Collaborative platforms are business software that enables organizations to manage and share knowledge, share methodologies, best practices, and information.

Learn Management System (LMS) tracks a learner's usage of eLearning course and performance. Users can discuss different topics and share their opinion on an online platform. Such collaboration also enhances team building and knowledge sharing qualities.

Mobile eLearning and Apps

Today’s generation depends on the mobile more than anything else. Reasons? It is smart, quick and informative.

Therefore, it is very important that we make it user-friendly. We make sure that all the applications and websites ED develops for mobile devices is “Responsive”.


Konnected was used internally be the ED team for years. Our learning on Time management, work management, process enhancement and increasing productivity were very well encompassed in Konnected. Having seen immense benefit by using Konnected over the years we offer this as a white label product to organizations that are keen to enhance processes, transparency, productivity and team collaboration. This tool has been made using Drupal, an open CMS source.

Moodle & Opigno

In an increasingly globalized world, your employees, partners, learners could be anywhere in the world. Web-based delivery is fast becoming the medium of choice for organizations sensitive to the time and costs required for learning and development. We specialize in implementing Learn Management Solutions that can help you create a common platform for learning. This will help you track your users, understand how the courses are helping them, mentor them to learn and grow for a win-win approach.

Knowledge Sharing & Social Learning

From content delivery systems to making the content more impactful, we specialize in developing content solutions customized to your needs of your organization. We develop our solutions in conformance to technical, branding and content guideline framework of your organization.

We take care of CMS requirement specifications, content and technical architecture for the solution, standards (W3C, Section 508) compliance, CMS development and deployment. We also develop content assets such as graphics, animations and illustrations.

Online Application & Widgets

An organizational process change requires changes in your current online application. Planning to take an offline paper-based process online? Developing a new component for collaborative working for your staff? We can help you with you with enterprise web-application integration and building web-based applications that enhance organizational efficiency and responsiveness.

Interactive Maps

The interactive map is an innovative solution to present stakeholders with a vast amount of information at a glance. We have hands on experience in developing interactive maps using Google Maps and its API.

Interactive maps may be used to serve many purposes like tracking high risk accident prone zones, areas with massive deforestations, tracking endangered species or even service offerings.