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We, at ED, challenge ourselves with new technology every day to come up with the best interactive books for iPad . From interactive newsletters and annual reports to process playbooks and softskills training, we understand that an interactive book should be able to enhance your reading, learning and knowledge sharing experience.


Today, the world is full of issues like deforestation and global warming! Where newsletters and handouts are an integral part of promoting and supporting any business, they also have other uses like spreading awareness, reaching out to the general mass, sharing information etc.

Why waste paper when you have the option of creating interactive newsletters and reach out to a greater audience? Users like to slide through information rather than carrying around reams of newsprint.

ED has been designing and developing newsletters for many organizations around the globe and helped them serve their objective in hand. It is an interesting way to share information and is also proved to have a better user experience.
Try out your own digital newsletter and experience the difference.

Project Reports

Record every moment of your projects and publish a digital report. Keep track of dates, times, events, facts and figure, all with just a touch. Base your report on quantifiable information which is easy for all to understand. The main purpose of any project report should offer goals of the project and action plans to be taken to achieve those goals.

At ED, we use formal templates and follow definite process to create informative project reports. An interactive project report is always more interesting to study than its traditional counterpart.



Manuals may of various kinds. From a comprehensive step-by-step guide about handling machineries, production process and organizational best practices, to a player’s handbook, we at Enabling Dimensions have expertise in creating different types of interactive manuals to help run an organization smoother.