Learning Solutions
With infographics, timelines, mind maps and other media, we assist you in leveraging your training sessions so that your teams maximise employee learnings and get the best out of it. At ED, we have worked extensively on making learning available across all your devices and browsers.
Additionally, our off-the-shelf soft-skills elearning courses, incorporating ease of use and simplicity of understanding are designed to suit employees at all levels in the organisational hierarchy.
Comic Book Scenarios
Engaging Multimedia
Visual Mindmaps
Strategy Based Modules
Animated Story Based Module
Video Based Training
Mobile Devices
Technology Solutions
With collaborative platforms and data visualisation tools, leverage your business to manage and share knowledge, best practices and information easily. Track your learners’ grasp of the training sessions and their performance too, all the while promoting a work culture of learning, collaboration and team building.
Interactive Maps
Knowledge Sharing Applications
Social Learning Applications
Content & Application Support
Learning and Technology Consulting
Devise an eBusiness strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Get a roadmap for technology, digital training adoption and upgradation fulfilling your training and technological needs. We work as your extended team that brainstorms, strategises and looks at various possibilities and means to achieve growth. Our pertinent questions help your thoughts take shape through defining the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and the 1H (how) considering every scenario to form an effective framework.
eLearning-Online Communities
Learner Need Analysis
Information Architecture
Envisioning Communities
Knowledge Sharing
User Experience & Usability
Empowerment Initiatives
A specially abled person needs exemplary solutions to make their life easier. Team ED’s passion of helping people with innovation has been providing digital workplace solutions that integrate the specially abled into mainstream society. A recent UN report revealed that India is home to over 100 million disabled citizens. However, only 1,00,000 of them are successful in obtaining employment. With respect for diversity and inclusion, ED has developed a portfolio of services for the visually challenged based on insights gained from working closely with the community.
Competitive Quest
Web Accessibility Audits
Accessible Websites-Content & eLearning Courseware