Our Approach

Driven to make a change through innovation, we at ED continue to adopt best practices and state-of-the-art technologies to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients and partners. Adopting agile and scrum processes, and getting indepth into every stakeholder perspectives becomes key in achieving success for each engagement.

From daily stand-up huddles, to creating prototypes and backlogs, to not resting till there is a wow factor in each project is what keeps each of us excited every single day.

Development Process

Our use of a holistic approach to innovation gives you access to creative problem solving while maintaining the organisational integrity. With platforms and softwares such as Drupal and Opigno, our technology team makes sure that your learning experience is smooth and enjoyable and in sync with your existing or new goals.


Not using a one size fits all strategy, we focus on developing and designing modules suited to your organisation’s and individuals’ specific need and requirements. This makes each product created by us unique, aesthetic and seamless in continuity.


With our goal of providing a learning experience that is fun, simple and engaging, we use games, case studies, role plays and quizzes among other methods to make it easy for the learner to grasp and retain knowledge.